From Los Angeles to Charlotte

Recap of my race in California and preview of the C-USA Championships in Charlotte, North Carolina.


It has been quite a while since my race in Los Angeles, the school work but also the disappointing result was the main reason why I gave myself some more time to write this recap. After months of fantastic training, I was extremely excited to race and see how fast I can ran with perfect competition. I was racing in the third fasted heat, pace set for 14:00, following that everything ready to run fast. But the last 24h before my race were exceptionally unfortunate: Our flight got cancelled, our next flight delayed and following that, I missed my flight connection. I finally landed at LAX around three hours before the race, my coach picked me up and we drove straight to the track. We arrived around 70 minutes before my race, I signed in and started my warm up. There, I decided to just go with the planned pace and see what will happens. For a long time, I felt, considering the circumstances, pretty good. I passed 3k in 8:29, right on pace, and in perfect position right behind the leading pack but now it was time to actually start pushing. With one mile to go, I started to realize that my legs but especially my head were not fresh enough to keep up this high pace and I started to drop back quickly. My final time of 14:26 is only eight seconds slower than my personal best but considering my high expectation going into that race, this is definitely a big disappointment. Being in the best shape ever and not get the chance to show it under these circumstances was first hard to accept but I learned again running is an ongoing process of improving and eventually I will get my chance. 


Luckily, I still have a small chance on qualifying for NCAA by running a fast time at the upcoming C-USA Championships. Since this is a championships, fast races are not guaranteed and the medals are the main goal:

C-USA Championships

This Championship is in my view, one of my most interesting weekends of the year. I am going to compete in both 10.000m and 5.000m. The 25 laps will be run on Friday and the half distance follows on Sunday. In the past months, I consistently increased my mileage but nevertheless this double is quite challenging. To me, it is fascinating to find out, how I can recover the best, to actually have a chance to compete for the  second championship title within only 48 h. I already gained some experience from last years and have some new plans to be ready for both races and excited how it will feel like this year.  Ich habe bereits etwas Erfahrung vom vergangenen Jahr und ich bin gespannt wie es sich in diesem Jahr anfühlen wird. 


Details regarding live stream and results will follow on Thursday 05/09/19.

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