Disappointing C-USA Championships

At the Conference USA Championship, I was not able to reach my goals.

The championships took place right on the boarder to Mexico, in El Paso, TX. To travel to this place was pretty exciting to me because there is just the Rio Grande which splits the both cities El Paso (USA) and Ciudad Juarez (Mexico). It was interesting to see the differences, a country border can make to cities in the same area. Besides that, El Paso, was a climatical challenge: high temperatures, try air and the altitude were an new experience to race in. We arrived on Thursday and I had some days to prepare myself and support my teammates because my race was on Sunday evening. 

Since the 5000m was one of the last events, every coach let all his athletes run again, through that circumstance, there were around 40 Athletes ready to run the 12.5 laps. Most of them already competed in several events on this weekend and since I just trained six week before that race, I hoped, that some of them are already a bit tired and I would have a chance to finish in top 8. As the gun went off, nothing happened, everyone was just jogging which followed, that the whole field stayed together. This was obviously right for me. I barely did workouts with  longer more than 5k and because of that I was happy to have a bit less meters to run hard. Through that whole race, the pack running was pretty nervous, everyone tried to be in the best position and I didn't race the most intelligent way I could have. We passed the first K in slow 3:18 and the next Kilometers were as fast. Around with five laps to go, some athletes from Middle Tennessee started to increase the pace and with one mile to go I already lost connection to the big group. The front group was able to run 45 seconds faster than me in just 2 kilometers and so I finished in a disappointing 17. place with a time of 15:51.  

This result was a big disappointment to me and I will do everything possible to not get in a situation like that again. Because of that I will take now break to get my achilles enough time to recover and afterwards, I will start with some base training and think about my next goals.

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