Indoor Recap

The last two months I ran my first indoor season. I could match some of my goals, but not everything worked as I hoped to.

The first race of the season was pretty satisfying. I improved my personal-3k-best at the Aggie Invitational in College Station after I ran the most of the first mile in front. Unfortunately, this time was still around 5 seconds too slow, to have a safe spot in the first heat of the C-USA champs. Because of that, my coach decided to let me run another 3000m, a few weeks later. The race itself was in my view pretty good, I felt really comfortable but due to the high milage during the previous weeks there was certain lack of speed. It followed some really good trainings sessions and I was ready to run the next race in Norman, Oklahoma. I set a new personal best over the mile, event hough the track wasn't banked. The next week we traveled to Wichita, Kansas for my second 3000m. I started a bit to optimistic which followed a really hard last kilometer and missed my PB. Since this was a non-banked track too, I good a bonus adjustment. Because of that I got back to the 12th position, I was back on track. 

The one training too much?

After Wichita followed the last hard training week. Looking back to this week, I had been smart if I would have taken one or two days a bit easier. Because on the last miles of my Saturday longrun, I started to feel pain in my foot. I decided to run a bit less in the following week and felt like I would be ready to race. At February 17th I boarded the plan with a big self-confident to race the 5000 and 3000 at the C-USA Indoor Championships against the strong teams of UTEP, Middle Tennessee and Charlotte. The warm-up went as usual and I had big ambitions to run a awesome first race. The race started and already in the first steps I felt again this pain in my foot. I tried to focus on the race but my thoughts went often back to my foot and to the upcoming races, I lost the rhythm. 2000m to go the Kenyans started to push the pace and I struggled to keep up. I tried to keep calm but the same time I started to count the athletes which were in front of me. I realized that I probably won't score points for my team and started to think about giving because I wasn't sure if I would damage my foot more by finishing the race.  And by not running the second race I would help the team much less. For sure I was really disappointed with this DNF but the same time I tried to get my body ready for the second race. I had around 21 hours for sleeping and some meetings with the doctor and trainer. One hour before the second race, I still wasn't sure if I could run and tried to run the warm-up but unfortunately I had to scratch me from the starting list. I felt still some pain and didn't want to risk my outdoor season, where I can the team again.


After a good start into the season, the ending was probably the worst possible: DNF, DNS. I took now the last two weeks really easy and start to increase my training over the next weeks because outdoor season starts soon.

Travel map: Competiton (red), Campus University of North Texas (greem)
Travel map: Competiton (red), Campus University of North Texas (greem)

Season in numbers

  • Aggie Invitational, College Station, TX -  3000m - 8:31.55
  • J.D. Martin Invitational, Norman, OK - Mile - 4:16.38
  • Herm Wilson Invitational, Wichita, KS - 3000m - 8:36.53
  • C-USA Indoor Championships, Birmingham, AL - 5000m - DNF / 3000m - DNS
  • Places: 2x2. 1x 3. 2x no results
  • Travel time: 22.5h Bus (1450 Miles) + 3h plane

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