Herm Wilson Invitational

This Saturday, I ran my last preparation race before the Conference USA championships, in Wichita, Kansas. My time over 3000m was 8:36.53 and the second place wasn't was I expected.

After beging Nr. 12 in the Conference performance list for a long time, I got pushed back to 13 yesterday. Because of that it was really important to run a new PR in this race to get a spot in the first heat of the championships. Unfortunately, my team mate which is as fast as I am got injured the last week and I had to change my race plan. I decided to risk a bit and try to run 33.5s per lap this would mean that I would run a time around 8:20-8:25. On the start list I was the fastest so I decided run the race from the front. 


As the gun went off, I took the lead, tried to focus on a relaxed running style and to hit the times as perfect es possible. Although the first 600m were a bit faster than planed, I passed the one K marker in 2:47 . After the first Mile the laps were a bit harder to me and I couldn't hold the pace. Since my laps were much slower, first one than a second guy passed me. I tried to stay on their heels and in the last lap I could catch one of the guys again and finished in second position. My time, 8:36.53 was not really what I tried to run and far away from my PR. Luckily, in the USA is a rule that races which are ran on a flat track get time conventions. Because of that my time was faster than my PR and I am now again Nr. 12 in the Conference by just 0.2s. Since there is still two weeks until conference, there is a chance that someone runs faster than me but the mean time this time could be already enough for the first heat.


Until this championships I will keep on working on my shape to be ready to run 5k and 3k within 24h.



Clip (watch my race at 2h19')

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