J.D. Martin Invitational

Runner-up at the indoor meet in Norman, Oklahoma, with a new PR of 4:16.38.

This weekend, I travelled with the UNT Track & Field team for three hours into the north to compete at the indoor meet of OU. After competing in longer races and longer workouts, that Mile race was my first fast race since ages. The hall in Norman was much smaller than the last hall I competed in at Texas A&M. But the track was 200m, as in college station. The big difference to me was the fact that this track wasn't banked. This means, the narrow turns makes it much more difficult to run as fast as outdoors. Because their is barely any chance to overtake someone in the turns which follows that you need to make a hard move within 50 meters to get in front of the other runner. Because of that it is normal in the USA to give athletes which ran on flat tracks a conversion in the season best list.


My race over 8 laps got split in to heats and I ran in the first heat with 15 other guys. Which was in my opinion a bit too much. Since the start is in the beginning of the turn, everyone tries to get as fast as possible to lane one which follows much traffic. Under these circumstances the result was predictable. As the gun went, everyone tried to get as fast as possible from the line. Two of the runners stumbled and we had to start again. I was actually pretty happy about that, because my start was not as good as I planed, so I had a second try. This time I came better off the line and ran after 200m in 6th position. One lap later I overtook several other runners and ran in 3rd position. At this point the race was around 0.5s too slow per lap. Although I wasn't enough self-confident to take the lead and decided to stay on the inside of lane one. With three laps to go the guy in first position started to push and I went right behind him. I tried to go with him, but as 800m-runner he had a bit more speed than I have and I couldn't follow him.


I finished the race in second position with the time of 4:16.38. Even though this is a new PR, I missed my goal to run as close as possible to 4:10 by several seconds. During the race, I didn't feel on the limit at all but I was just unable to pick up the pace. One of the reason for that could be the hard training of the last weeks. I am still not fully recovered and need some more days to get ready. This fits pretty good in our plan, since we start to reduce the trainings intensity over the next few week to be in perfect shape to succeed at the C-USA Indoor Championships. This Saturday, I will run another 3000m race at Wichita to secure my spot in the first heat so that I can compete against the big guys of our Conference.





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