Preview: Pre-National XC Invitational

On Samstag, Oktober 15th, I will run in Terre Haute (IND) my second US race. But the Situation before this race is different compared to my first race.

The Pre-National-meet is one of the biggest races befor the NCAA Championships. Because it is the last chance, to run a competiton on the championship course. This is the reason, why more than 60 team entered the race. To give us runner a bit more space, there will be two heats. My team, North Texas, is ranked around place 30 so we will be one of the outsiders in the first heat. But our goal will definitely be to defeat some of the top teams. 

After one month without racing and no knowledge about the other athletes in the race it is really difficult to assess in what place I can finish. But by watching the results from last year, I started to know that I will sprint for every second. Because there finished several times up to five runners in the same second!

The course in Terre Haute is really impressive, that's probably why they call it 'Cross Country Town USA'. There is a 800m starting straight (I heard some rumor, that I should run the first 400m sub-61-seconds, if I don't want to be last!), the final straight is 400m and the course is between 80 and 20m wide. In addition the course is for the US really hilly. This could fit me pretty well.


Flotrack Pro Starting time: 11:35am (Terre Haute) / 5:35pm (Switzerland)

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