Homerace as a spectator

Because of some adaptions in my last training week, I followed the Ken Garland Invitational as a spectator instead of a runner.

My last training week didn't go as I'd hoped to. We ran the last few weeks milages like I normally run in training camps. Because of this I didn't feel as fresh as usual. Due to these changes, my Coach decided that I wouldn't run our home meet, the Ken Garland Invitational. As you can imagine, it wasn't easy just to watch the race, but I know the season is long and there are some big races coming up. For these races I want to be in perfect shape and for this reason, it was definitely the right decision not to start in this event.


Since I didn't compete, I had a bit of time to have a look at the competition. For me the most impressive part is the size of the meets. Besides the college races there were several high school races going on. There were up to 170 runners  on the starting line per race and because of this there were so many spectators. For most US-citizens this race was just a small local race. But I don't think we have any cross race in Switzerland which has nearly as many spectators!


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